Friday, March 25, 2011

Polaroid Land Cameras (No Autofocus)

Have been rather busy with commitments etc, therefore has less time to update this blog.

Well, i'm posting about Polaroid Land Cameras this time.

As always, there are several variations.

They are SX70 cameras too, just non-foldable. Thus, they uses PX70 films too.! =]

Below is the famous and common white one step with the signature rainbow stripe. 

Less common ones:

The above Polaroid 1000 look just like the common one step, of  course their functions are the same. I read that the variation is due to them being sold at different market initally (UK and US).Below is Polaroid 1000 too, just that it comes with green shutter button. more cool i think!

Then there is this Supercolour 1000 with square lens. I like!!

They looks good with the flash with rainbow stripe too!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Interesting pics of Polaroid items

Haha, decided to do something different this time round. Will post some interesting items about Polaroid i found recently.

Polaroid Cardboard Box

Extracted from:

Personally love this alot. A cardboard box that is shaped like a Polaroid SX-70. Cool! Can be used to keep Polaroid pictures or other small items! However, doubt it is still for sale, if not i want!!

Polaroid Chair

Haha, a chair that looks like the Polaroid One Step Camera. Very big right? Quite cool to have it in my house too. *Drools*

Extracted from:

Lego Polaroid

Using Lego to make into a mini Polaroid One Step Camera with Q-light flash. OMG!! If it can be made into a ring or necklace, will looks nice doesn't it? =]

Extracted from:

Crotchet Polaroid

Another item that is inspired by Polaroid One Step Camera. Haha with the Polaroid films too. So cute and adorable!

Extracted from:

Polaroid Brooch

Haha, a brooch that looks like a Polaroid 600 camera. Quite interesting too. But i personally prefer more vibrant and colourful colours!!
Extracted from:

Polaroid postcard

Haha.. i said i love colourful things right. Yup i love colourful Polaroids too! They are simply awesome like this postcard!

Extracted from:

Hope you have enjoyed! Shall post on Polaroid One Step Land Cameras soon! Stay tuned!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Polaroid SX-70 Cameras with Sonar Autofocus System

Hi readers,
Although i do not know if there is any and whether do you all find this interesting and informative becasue there is no feedbacks, comments etc? haha. never mind. i enjoy it. Though it will be good if there is some interaction to keep me going i guess? haha.
And i'm a Polaroid collector myself, so Polaroid collectors or someone who needs some suggestions or recommendations from me.. come talk to me!! Or is looking for a particular model, also come talk to me!! I have some secondhand Polaroid cameras and the films on sale on my webby
 The later Sonar OneStep and SLR 680/690 models were equipped with a sonar autofocus system, which permitted returning to the plain focusing screen. The Sonar Onestep models were the first autofocus SLRs available to consumers.
The later SLR 680/690 models updated the basic design of the Sonar Onestep to more modern standards by incorporating support for newer 600 cartridges instead of SX-70 cartridges, and a built-in flash instead of the disposable Flashbar. Today they are the most evolved forms of the SX-70, and are highly sought after by Polaroid enthusiasts.
Though expensive, the SX-70 was popular in the 1970s and retains a cult following today.
There are several models in this category too:
Actually these are better models than the normal SX70 because of the Sonar system but most people prefer the SX70(without the Sonar) maybe because of aesthetic reasons? Personally, i too think that the normal SX70 looks better and more sleek. haha!

SLR680/690 models uses PX600 films and they are the best 600 cameras! If i were to choose one among this category, definitely SLR690 (the last camera shown in this post) .oh nearly forgotten about this. defintiely i would want this! I'm a die hard fan of gold! Haha. but of course they cost quite a bomb too!!

Found this picture. Quite funny. the words in chinese means " EH, which handsome guys ah?"

This is nice too!
 Ever wonder what are the components in a Polaroid camera? i do. haha. i wanted to dismantle it and marvel what are the things that brought all these Polaroid camera to life and able to be workable after so many years for some!
Take a look at this pic:
 Extracted from:  
Stay tune! Don't know what models/categories to post next yet. haha.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Polaroid Sx-70 Cameras

Polaroid Sx-70 Cameras are one of the most popular models of Polaroid Cameras. This camera was very popular in the mid/late 1970s, especially in the USA. It is also considered by many to be the best camera that Polaroid ever produced. I personally love it too. It is compact, can be folded when not in use and able to fit into my bag. cool..! It is a SLR too!

Alike other Polaroid models, there are several variations:

Most rare and valuable would be the Polaroid Sx-70 Gold Alpha One edition

I love this but this is way way too costly!!!! Sigh.. this is so gorgeous!

This is rare too. Polaroid Sx-70 Alpha One Revue

This is a rare one too! Polaroid Sx-70 Alpha One Sears Special

This is a rare one too!

 This is a rather rare edition too. Polaroid Sx-70 Alpha One SE

Other models:

Anyway the normal version and Alpha versions(cameras with Alpha One in the model name) are pretty similar except that Alpha versions comes with strap lugs(able to attach straps to it) and tripod mount for us to mount it on a tripod. I personally prefer the Alpha versions. Hope my post helps those who want to purchase a Sx-70 to make a choice to which type they want.

Sample images:
 Some of the photographers are able to do manipulation and also emulsion transfer on the photos:

Extracted from:

Please take a look, there is a lot of good and nice manipulated photos there. Cool. Thumbs up!!!

Video of SX70 Manipulation:

Video of Polaroid Sx-70 advertisement:

Shall post on Sx-70 Sonar models in my next post. Stay tuned! :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Polaroid Spectra Cameras

Polaroid introduced the Spectra system of cameras in the early 1980s. It was an all-new line of cameras, and had a corresponding new film. Spectra film (called 'Image' outside of North America) is different from PX600  in that it has a different image format: a rectangular 9.2 x 7.3cm rather than 600 film's square format. Spectra film(PZ600) is otherwise identical to PX600 film - ISO speed, development method and operation remain identical. The Spectra range of cameras also sport better lenses on average than the 600-film range, with most of the models utilising an arc-shaped range of focusing lenses inside the body that swing across the exterior lens element to provide correct focusing, rather than adjusting the distance between internal lens elements. Spectra cameras are thought to take higher-quality pictures than a conventional 600 Polaroid camera, due to the camera's higher build quality and a proportionally larger print area.

 Polaroid Onyx Spectra Camera

Another Polaroid that is made in the same year (1987) as i'm born. Very sleek and nice. Comes with top transparent housing where you can see the electronic components of the camera. How can i not own this camera! Mine comes with the wireless remote and transmitter, various filters and lenses. Ha don't expect special lenses and wireless remote and transmitter exist in this era right! haha. 

Sideways folding mechanism, with folding viewfinder mechanism. 90mm lens - shorter than any other Spectra model made - giving a wider field of view roughly equivalent to 33mm in 35mm film format. Time/date stamp capability, autofocus, lighten/darken control and was sold with a close-up lens attachment.
 Another cool camera that i like. It has a sideways folding mechanism! unlike other models that close straight down, cool and sleek!

Spectra 1200FF

Different folding mechanism to other Spectra models, featuring folding plastic bellows. The camera front is hinged at the bottom and opens vertically; similar in principle to a single-hinged SX-70 model though this is not an SLR camera. A black model known as the Spectra Blitz was marketed by the Lomography Society, but that model does not fold down.
  • Wider lens (100mm f/11.5, 2-element aspherical plastic).
  • Fixed-focus, but has built-in close-up lens for shots down to 60cm. A warning/reminder light appears near the viewfinder when the close-up lens has been selected.
  • Auto-flash with no ability to force on or off.
  • Built-in metal lens cover automatically slides over the lens when the camera is folded.
  • No tripod socket.
  • No Lighten/Darken control or other means of exposure compensation.
  • Shoots up to 12 exposures using the final generation of Spectra/Image 1200 film.

Quite interesting model that i would like to have too! But won't use it to shoot though, perhaps a good collector's item? =]  But no lighten/darken control? Maybe other Spectra models are better then after looking at the features. But Spectra Blitz looks sleek too! But can't fold down, quite difficult to bring around? 

Other Models

 Lol, and while searching for pictures of Spectra cameras to post in this post, i found this!!! so cool!

A Giant Polaroid Spectra! I guess it was for an exhibition! How cool if there is such thing here!

Sample Picture 

Someone uses a Polaroid Spectra Camera to capture wedding photos for the newly weds, very nice. she managed to capture the sweet, beautiful moment! How can someone not love Polaroid Cameras like me. You can't edit the pictures with Photoshop or anything, thus it is able to capture the truest, most memorable moment with such vintage feel added to the pictures!  Let me share the happy moment of this newly weds with you. :)

More blissful pictures can be found here. 

The photographer is another Polaroid Lover too. :) Love your pictures! 

You can do multiple exposures on Spectra Cameras with self timer function. 

Haha didn't know Polaroid Cameras can do mulitple exposures too like Holga cameras?

Here's a tutorial on how:

Sample pictures:

A Yotube video of the Polaroid Spectra Commercial